Natural Scenes
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Natural Scences of Uyghur Region
You can find some of the Natural Scenes of Taklamakan and Satellite image of Central Asia, window indicates Taklamakan desert. With approximately 337,000 km, the Taklamakan is one of the largest desert . It exhibits extremely arid conditions due to its continental location and its additional rain-shadowing by alpine mountain ranges of the Tangri Tagh and Qara Qorum Mountaina Ranges . Frederick Haberman "Tracing Our Ancestors" considers the plateau of Pamir to be the original Eden. He believes this was the homeland of Adam's descendants up until the time of the Flood. Today this area is known as the Tarim Basin in Uyghur Region.This region is surrounded by a ridge of very high mountains forming a gigantic basin in the midst of them. It measures 1,000 long and is about 350 miles wide. From the lakes of this plateau come four great rivers: the Indus, the Jaxartes, the Oxus, and the Tarim. The Oxus is still called by the natuves the Digihun or Gihon; the Chitral branch of the Indus answers the description of the Pison; the Jxartes is the original Euphrates and the Tarim going toward the east is in all probability, the Hiddekl. It was a flood of gigantic porportions which brought judgment upon all that were in this land. It may have been "local" but is was my no means minimal.

Location of the Uyghur Region

Eve of Taklamakan

Oldest Tree


Living Creature in the Desert


Cemetary in Kuch

Carpenter in Kashgar


winter in Uyghur Region

Plants in the Taklamakan

Buddist Caves in Uyghur Region

Bughda, Heavanly Lake


Tangri Tagh Mountain Ranges

Yarghul Ancient City

Kongur Mountains

A Lake on the Way to Tashkorgan(The Stone Castle) in Uyghur Region

The qarakul-lake ('black lake') is located at the foot of the Muztag-Ata - 'the father of the Ice Mountains' - 7546m high.

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Lake Qanas/Kanas

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Tarim River

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